macfadyan    01 Jan 2008 : 04:01
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stuff n whatever for the new year type nonsense

Look, it's 2008...or is that 2009? I can't keep track.* So it's The Future. Got it? Good.

So, what can you expect from the Owls Of Rassilon this year?

Well, we shall continue with doing instance runs on Sunday evenings as as I've said, its a way of showing folks instances that the may previously not have known.

Also, there will be quite a few of us hitting level 70 just in time to start struggling towards level 80 when the new expansion comes out, so fingers crossed there will be a lot of grouping going on.

The main thing we need to concentrate on is this...


Or something like that, anyway...

Please remember, everyone, but EVERYONE has to go through a one month probation period that can only be foreshortened by a council memeber, and EVERYONE, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, must come here, register and say hello....now, if your reading this it doesnt really matter to you...but do please remind folks in guild chat because we WILL be kicking people out of the guild if they don;t start showing more commitement, the simplest thing of which is popping along here....... Don;t worry, this will hardly affect 99% of the guild, its just one or two people who seem to think they don't need to bother.

do have a lovely new year...do remember the podcast and do keep your fingers crossed that I don;t give into the demands of the Uberguilds/Guildcafe radio owner and agree to start dj-ing again.....

toooooooooodles, yes?


*written at 03.00 gmt, 01/12/08 - whilst tiddly as a newt.

Seasons Greetings, Yes?

 macfadyan    23 Dec 2007 : 15:51
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Stuff and thinglies...

Hello, hello, hello but not in that order.

Our Mr. D. Bringer, here at the Freelance Peacekeeping Agency has 'asked' me to extend the compliments of the season to every one of the Owls of Rassilon and wishes you all a peacefull New Year.

A new year in which he hopes we can do some recruiting to bolster our membership - a few more people now have guild invite status (castallan). Just remember, theres one month's probation that everyone gets and they have to come here, register and say hello. Those two rules cannot be ignored. We do occasionally reduce the probation period depending on if a person is vouched for or they show particular promise. But recruitment is the way to go.

This evening (Sunday 23rd) there is a Black Rock Depths run and Ill be announcing a couple more trips over the next week once I've stopped re-watching the Christmas Doctor Who special, Voyage of the Damned (Christmas Day, BBC1, 18.50 uk time - you tube soon after, rofl!) which co-stars Kylie Minogue. Expect me to complain about the new theme tune for a few weeks.....

Please have a lovely time - no matter what your beliefs (unless your one of those Murloc sympathisers, then you get everything you deserve tongue) and remember - its a time for peace.

Best wishes

Garron and t'council.

More newsy stoof

 macfadyan    14 Dec 2007 : 00:48
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Guild Bank stuff

Ok, well, things are ticking along quietly, but steadily....

Thanks to everyone we have purchased the third guild bank tab so things now go as follows..

Tab One: Profession stuff up to lvl 45 - cloth, patterns, etc etc...
Tab Two: Items like weapons etc up to lvl 45
Tab Three: Items and prof stuff over lvl 45.

Everyone can take more stuff out of tab one now, tab two lets co-ordinators take three items and castellans ten, tab three everyone can see but we ask that you contact the council if you want something out of it. You can, of course, deposit stuff in all three tabs, smile the next tab costs, wait for it...1000g!


Im not going to be around much next week, alas. I have a LOT to do for www.staggeringstories.net and not much time to do it in I'm afraid.....Ill try my best to get on though. Any hassles, dont worry, the council are around for you. smile

No instance run this sunday as a result of that, unless someone wants to organise one????

See you on the flipside and start using that bank! tongue

Server System Upgrade

 Necomancer    08 Dec 2007 : 16:40
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My server will get an upgrade tonight or tomorrow, so the website might be offline for a while.

My server will get an upgrade tonight or tomorrow, so the website might be offline for a while.
More information here.

It's been done and no problems reported.


 macfadyan    03 Dec 2007 : 18:56
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Goodness me!

Well, that was an interesting week, wasn't it? Still, no matter, the future lies this way! More recruitment please folks - but make sure that the people you recruit know that registration and saying hello here is mandatory and that there's a month's probationary period. Also, please try to make sure they ain't wallys! LOL.

There's a Sunken Temple run on Monday 3rd at 22.00 uk time and on Sunday 9th we continue our magical mystery tour of instances with a trip to the Wailing Caverns - good armour for low level druids to be had. Remember, we're doing these so everyone gets a chance to see each instance and to practice our teamwork - the Shadowfang Keep run went..well..ridiculously easily, lol...However, in true Prydonian Renegade spirit, we took on the last boss using just battle chickens...with mechanical dragonkin and yeti keeping the other npc's busy, LOL...we'll try to pop up some screenies of it as it was....'somewhat amusing'.

Also, a couple of things you may wish to purchase, one in game, the other in REAL LIFE! In game, you can pop to Darnassus and pick up an Owl companion to fly alongside you. Several guildies have these already - they only cost 45 silver...The other thing is a badge, or pin (depending where you come from, lol) of the Seal of Rassilon. I've put a link up to the online shop that sells them - admitadly they want a minimum order of ten of your earth pounds, but its a lovely design - the same thats in the moon of the forum banner....And no, Im not getting a kickback, LOl...

and also PLEASE USE THE GUILD BANK! It's up and running now so theres no excuse, LOL. The third tab is going to cost us 500 gold, so thats in the future, but for now everyone can use the first tab, so go for it, ok? smile

Toodles for now, yes?


Week Four

 macfadyan    27 Nov 2007 : 03:17
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news and info plus things...oh, and stuff


Ok, well, last week was a little quiet...but things are picking up again - welcome to our newer members. Nice to see we have people with experience joining us. I'd still like to see us recruit more - a concerted effort if possible please folks. The guild bank is slowley growing and getting there...the ruleset for it will evolve as it grows, so have faith and patience please smile

Sunday evening will be a run to shadowfang keep - yup, yet another low level instance, again to show people who may not have been there just what it looks like. Don't forget, you can organise your own instance runs quite easily smile . Our teamwork in instances is getting better which is a good thing to see. Again I advise folks to use teamspeak where possible. Also, check out the addons thread - very usefull indeed.

One thing that has been pointed out to me is that some folks are asking for help etc and not reciprocating to those that help them. It has to be a two way street please. I won't tollerate a person helping others, only to find that when they need help or companionship suddenly folks are too busy etc. If I see this happening Ill be introducing people to some quality face time with Mr. Brick. I DO NOT want to loose members over this, so please try to be more considerate where possible, ok? Now we have some more higher level players with luck people can start grouping a bit more at those levels.

Does that sound a little grumpy? Good......it's meant to. Time to start growing closer as a guild now, ok? smile



Week three runs

 Necomancer    20 Nov 2007 : 13:33
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Believe it or not: it's our third week.

Believe it or not: it's our third week.

After the fairly successful Blackfathom Deeps run of last Sunday, it's clear that we need some more practice tongue.

First practice time this week will be this Friday through Scarlet Monastery Library and Graveyard.
Second practice time will be on Sunday on a Gnomeregan run.

So, to sum up:
Times and locations:
Friday November 23th
Scarlet Monastery Library and Graveyard. 19:30 GMT / 20:30 CET

Sunday November 25th
Gnomeregan. 19:30 GMT / 20:30 CET

Week two runs

 Necomancer    12 Nov 2007 : 21:30
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After the success of the two instance runs last week, we will be doing a raid and a run this week.

After the success of the two instance runs last week, we will be doing a raid and a run this week.
They will be held during the weekend.
The first one will be a raid at the Crossroads and the second will be a run through Blackfathom Deeps.

Times and locations:
Saturday November 17th
Crossroads Raid. 19:30 GMT / 20:30 CET

Sunday November 18th
Blackfathom Deeps Run. 19:30 GMT / 20:30 CET

Week one fun run

 Necomancer    08 Nov 2007 : 16:43
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Our first official, guild-organized instance run will be this Saturday (November 10th) around 19:30 GMT (or 20:30 CET).

Our first official, guild-organized instance run will be this Saturday (November 10th) around 19:30 GMT (or 20:30 CET).
We will be heading into Scarlet Monastery.

The idea of this run is only to celebrate our first week of existence and just have fun. Nothing fancy. (Except for Garron of course, who has decided that he needs armor from this run wink).

Also see the forum topic for more information.

About the Owls of Rassilon

 Necomancer    08 Nov 2007 : 16:35
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Friday November 2nd, 2007 at 21:16 GMT+1 (Or CET, if you will).

Guild Organization:
  • Guild Leader: Garron (macfadyan)
  • Council: Driagnor, Kórtana, Nationalelf, Necomancer, Northius

Ranks are attributed to people based on their participation and activeness. The level of a character is of underlying importance.

What we expect from guild members:
  • Courtesy to other members
  • Be nice in Guild Chat
  • Help each other
  • Have fun
  • Sign up to the website so that "arguments" can be fought out over here instead of over GC
  • Introduce yourself to the other guild members on the forums
  • Do not ask for boosts (first time is a warning, second time means byebye)

What we do:
  • Organized instance runs
  • Use the forums as the main mean of communicating decisions to guild members

New members are subject to one month of "probation" to see how they fit into the guild and if they are willing to help other members.

And remember: WoW is only a game.