All Change To More Of The Same...

 macfadyan    21 Sep 2009 : 17:09
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Daddys Home...

Right oh. Greetings, yes? Well, seeing as the guild has succesfully managed to collapse, I'd best let you know just what's occuring. Most of our lvl 80 players have left for White Lotus in a sort of domino effect. One goes, then another, then fifty more... I can understand it, however. The guild has never really been in a position to raid properly mainly because we are a casual guild and players have real lives. It's been a source of constant frustration to the council that every time we seem to get anywhere people leave and we're back to square one. I've lost count how many have gone to White Lotus over the past few months. If they all came back we'd be raiding left right and centre, lol. Something they may ALL like to consider...

So, the guild is simply a social thing now. It's becomming more and more doubtful that we'll even be able to organise a heroic run for lvl 80 charecters as I doubt we'll even be able to field 5 lvl 80 toons. I say social, however there's hardly anyone on nowadays. So, my advice is if you want more then sadly your going to have to look elsewhere. We've tried recruiting time and again and every time we get somewhere people leave and we're back to square one - and we simply don't have the energy, or inclination to try recruiting again - plus we want to be able to play the game ourselves without having the bloody hassle, lol. This doesn't mean we don't want to recruit - we'll happily accept new players. But people have to know in advance that as the guild stands at the moment, its just a social thing - though I do hope that people will jump to help lower lvl toons out, grouping with them and helping them complete quests for the xp. My advice, when it comes to recruiting, is get low lvl players. The more the merrier..hopefully they will then stay with us all the way and we'll be able to harvest a nice crop of lvl 80's eventually.

As for leadership etc, well, I'm back as Guild Leader - thats me, Garron/Kasterborus/Macfadyan/Judderman/Lungbarrow/FlashinBlade. For those that don't know, I was the first Guild Leader but had to step down due to illness last year. The council has shrunk - as it stands we just have Necomancer and myself. Jerrick is sort of there, lol, but he has his mains now in White Lotus so best come to me or neco. I won't be increasing the council for the moment as the size of the active guild doesn't warrent it.

Id happily welcome any ideas folks may have to try to kick start the guild again

One thing. To Keep in touch with everyone who's left we've put up the Owls chat channel. Just type /join Owls on each of your toons and you'll be able to see and talk to everyone on there..

toodles for now then..

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