Guild Charter

Owls of Rassilon was initiated on Friday November 2nd, 2007 at 21:16 GMT+1 (Or CET, if you will).
The name of the guild is derived from The Legend of Rassilon, with the Guild Ranks being named in that sense.

Owls of Rassilon is a casual PvE/PvP Guild, that has its main focus on the enjoyment of the game. We are not purely here for raiding, but have started making our way into raiding and experiencing end-game content.
Our members have other commitments in life besides playing World of Warcraft, and thus we cannot adhere to a strict raiding schedule. More specifically, as of now, we do not have a set raiding schedule at the moment, but the plan is to do raids on Sundays (afternoon or evening). Of course, as the guild expands and we get more experienced players with us, there is no reason why there shouldn't be ad-hoc raids during the week.
There is also a strong sense of community in our guild, which means that we try to discuss and help each other a lot on the forums, and would like to know when someone will be off for a longer period of time, so you don't get booted from the guild.

Most of our members are age 23+ and therefore we look at the maturity of new 'recruits' when they apply to our guild. This directly the reason why we have set a "try-out" period for people that have just joined our guild. This try-out period is set for the duration of one month, which is meant as way to see if the player and the guild fit.
The most important features of our members, and the features we would like to see in our new members, is the ability to work in a team, have a good sense of humour, want to help others and being mature.

We are not looking for the glory hounds of the server, we do not feel the need to prove anything to anyone with "phat loots" and bosses killed, it is not our style. We do not r0XoR n00bz oMg wtf BBQ!

We try to entertain our members by organising events, such as group-PvP, instance runs (both high and low level), speed instance runs (dressed and naked), and other things that we can think of along the way.

In short, what we expect from our members is that they:
  • respect each other
  • are nice in Guild Chat (ie: no swearing (at least not too much), no abuse, no nagging)
  • help each other when needed
  • have fun
  • sign up to the website and visit it regularly
  • introduce themselves on the forum to the other members
  • do NOT, repeat NOT, ask for boosts. We have a life ourselves and we like to enjoy ourselves in the game. If you haven't been able to find a group for an instance, then try to put an event on Guild Calendar, so people can sign up to help you, if they want.

The guild bank is accessible according to your rank in the guild, which are:
  • Shobogan - Members on try-out or below level 20 (you shouldn't be lower than level 20 for one month) - Tab 1 access
  • Co-ordinator - Members between level 21 - 40 - Tab 1+2 access
  • Castellan - Members between level 41 - 60 - Tab 1+2+3 access
  • Chancellor - Members level 61 and up - Tab 1+2+3+4 access - Can invite members
  • Keeper - VIP's, or long-standing members that have proven their worth to the guild and have been members for at least 3 months - All access (also tab 5, which we need to get still) + invite status
  • Councellor - Council - All access + invite status
  • Lord President - Guild Leader
Donations to the bank are welcomed, but not obligatory, and will be used, among other things, for acquiring bank tabs.

Our Council (officers) have their own "roles", so they are responsible and "in charge" for some of the goings on of the guild.
The current roles of our Council are:
  • Bank - Driagnor
  • Events - Kórtana and Nationalelf
  • Recruitment - Northius
  • Guides - All Council

We also have access to our own TeamSpeak server, details of which can be found on the forum. The TeamSpeak server is meant for members only, and we try to use it when doing instances and raids, so we can keep communication going without having to take our attention away from killing mobs.
A TeamSpeak guide will be provided as a download shortly.

Not only do we provide guides on TeamSpeak, we also try to provide guides on other WoW-related stuff, like "Instance Best Practices", or "Class Roles", "What is threat/hate", etc.

Again just to be clear: Owls of Rassilon is a CASUAL guild and that by "casual" we mean we do NOT raid 5 nights a week, nor do we have the intention to, that the schedule can change due to unforeseen issues, we care much more for the well being of our players and their families over the content in this game and that there can, and will be down time and you may actually have to entertain yourself (**gasp** I know - it's horrible!!!!).