Welcome to the website of the Owls of Rassilon, a guild in World of Warcraft, on the Wildhammer Realm. Feel free to look around the site to find out more about us. Contact one of the members of the Council in WoW if you are interested in becoming a member. Please, also read the Guild Charter for more information.
Basic Guild Information: Initiation: Friday November 2nd, 2007 at 21:16 GMT+1 (Or CET, if you will). Guild Organization:
  • Guild Leader: Garron
  • Council: Necomancer
What we expect from guild members:
  • respect each other
  • are nice in Guild Chat (ie: no swearing (at least not too much), no abuse, no nagging)
  • help each other when needed
  • have fun
  • sign up to the website and visit it regularly
  • introduce themselves on the forum to the other members
  • do NOT, repeat NOT, ask for boosts. We have a life ourselves and we like to enjoy ourselves in the game. If you haven't been able to find a group for an instance, then try to put an event on Guild Calendar, so people can sign up to help you, if they want.
What we do:
  • Organized instance runs
  • Use the forums as the main mean of communicating decisions to guild members
New members are subject to one month of "try-out" to see how they fit into the guild, if they are willing to help other members (so give and take) and are "mature" enough. And remember: WoW is only a game.

All Change To More Of The Same...

 macfadyan    21 Sep 2009 : 17:09
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Daddys Home...

Right oh. Greetings, yes? Well, seeing as the guild has succesfully managed to collapse, I'd best let you know just what's occuring. Most of our lvl 80 players have left for White Lotus in a sort of domino effect. One goes, then another, then fifty more... I can understand it, however. The guild has never really been in a position to raid properly mainly because we are a casual guild and players have real lives. It's been a source of constant frustration to the council that every time we seem to get anywhere people leave and we're back to square one. I've lost count how many have gone to White Lotus over the past few months. If they all came back we'd be raiding left right and centre, lol. Something they may ALL like to consider...

So, the guild is simply a social thing now. It's becomming more and more doubtful that we'll even be able to organise a heroic run for lvl 80 charecters as I doubt we'll even be able to field 5 lvl 80 toons. I say social, however there's hardly anyone on nowadays. So, my advice is if you want more then sadly your going to have to look elsewhere. We've tried recruiting time and again and every time we get somewhere people leave and we're back to square one - and we simply don't have the energy, or inclination to try recruiting again - plus we want to be able to play the game ourselves without having the bloody hassle, lol. This doesn't mean we don't want to recruit - we'll happily accept new players. But people have to know in advance that as the guild stands at the moment, its just a social thing - though I do hope that people will jump to help lower lvl toons out, grouping with them and helping them complete quests for the xp. My advice, when it comes to recruiting, is get low lvl players. The more the merrier..hopefully they will then stay with us all the way and we'll be able to harvest a nice crop of lvl 80's eventually.

As for leadership etc, well, I'm back as Guild Leader - thats me, Garron/Kasterborus/Macfadyan/Judderman/Lungbarrow/FlashinBlade. For those that don't know, I was the first Guild Leader but had to step down due to illness last year. The council has shrunk - as it stands we just have Necomancer and myself. Jerrick is sort of there, lol, but he has his mains now in White Lotus so best come to me or neco. I won't be increasing the council for the moment as the size of the active guild doesn't warrent it.

Id happily welcome any ideas folks may have to try to kick start the guild again

One thing. To Keep in touch with everyone who's left we've put up the Owls chat channel. Just type /join Owls on each of your toons and you'll be able to see and talk to everyone on there..

toodles for now then..

Council Changes

 Necomancer    03 Jun 2009 : 09:13
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As some of you might have noticed, a few things have been going on over the past week.

As some of you might have noticed, a few things have been going on over the past week.

Unfortunately, Driagnor has decided to step back from Council. I would like to thank him for all the work he has done whilst in Council.

There are other changes at hand.
I have been thinking about this for a while, and have discussed this in Council, but as it currently stands, I do not have the amount of playtime I would like to have to be able to justify being Guild Leader. Therefore, I have decided to step down from being Guild Leader.

In Council, we have discussed having another election, but as that will take some time, we figured it might be best to skip that step this time, and appoint a GL from Council.
As our progress has slowed down a lot recently, we really need to have a GL that is online and visible. Not only on the forums, but also in the game itself. We need someone who can guide us forward and back into progression. We had a few good runs a while back, but unfortunately, that progression has stopped. We need to get back in that place of having regular HC runs and also possibly trying to run the regular OS and VoA (to start off with) with as little PUG as possible.

Therefore, we have decided it is time for Northius to take the "ring of power" and lead us into the next levels.

Let me be the first to say: Northius, congratulations and good luck smile.

(Please respond in the forums)

Site (and everything on it) off-line - Sunday March 29

 Necomancer    25 Mar 2009 : 10:35
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This Sunday I will be moving my server, as I need to move from my current apartment.

This Sunday I will be moving my server, as I need to move from my current apartment.
This means that the site (and everything else) will be off-line during that time.

It should be back by Sunday evening.

It's 2009

 Necomancer    05 Jan 2009 : 11:22
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First of all, I would like to send out the best wishes to all for the new year.

First of all, I would like to send out the best wishes to all for the new year. I hope that it will be a very good year for all of us, with good health, lots of love and good fun.

Now then, onwards to other stuff.
As Garron put it in such lovely fashion last year: It's the future.
And that means it is also the future of the Owls.

Recapping on last year, we've seen a lot of things happening. We've had people joining us, but alas, also seen a number of people leave us, who all will be missed. Luckily, some of the people who have left us, are not gone forever, and still available for us when we need them. Of course, we have also had the (literal) falling ill (He fell, and then he good ill, so he fell ill, or something) of Garron, our "glorious" leader.

I think the Guild Leader Elections that followed were fun (although the reasons behind were not that fun), and I'm not saying that just because I won. I believe it gave an extra opening for venting new ideas and some "freshness" into the guild. I must add to this that the GL Elections were only an extra catalyst for this, as I believe that in this guild we can always say what we want and if there is a new idea, anybody can always say it.

With the coming of the Lich King, we have seen our first people reach level 80. Kudos to Kamieryn to be the first to reach it. And thankfully, we didn't put real money onto that bet tongue.

Enough with the past. Let's have a look into the future.
As more of us are venturing into the Level 80 region, I hope we can start getting our runs back on track and start to get used to each other's playing style more and more. Moreover, as I've promised in the GL Elections, I want to get the Sunday Night Fun Runs back, and I think now is a good time to start planning for these. I will try to post up a bunch of them into Group Calendar (not the Blizzard one, but the addon) so people can sign up and hopefully join into the fun, both in-game and on TeamSpeak, as that still is wonderfully good, especially with Garron online.

I would also like to stress that if there is anything you would like to get of your mind, you can PM it to one of the Council Members on the forum, or post it on the forum. Council is here to help you out wherever we can, and I believe that in this guild, everyone should be able to speak their mind freely, without exception.

That's about it for now. See you all soon.


Owls of Rassilon - 1 year and going strong

 Necomancer    03 Nov 2008 : 21:06
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Hello and welcome,

Hello and welcome,

This will be my first news post, so bear with me wink.
The Owls now exists one year, yes, you better believe it. We've made it through, somehow.

Now... What is going to happen in our second year?
First of all, we've made a guild charter, which you should, or even must, all read. It describes who we are, what we stand for, and guild rules and such.
Guild ranks have been reordered and reshuffled and Council members are now really Council.
The new ranks (with the according privileges) are:
  • Shobogan - Members on try-out or below level 20 (you shouldn't be lower than level 20 for one month) - Tab 1 access
  • Co-ordinator - Members between level 21 - 40 - Tab 1+2 access
  • Castellan - Members between level 41 - 60 - Tab 1+2+3 access
  • Chancellor - Members level 61 and up - Tab 1+2+3+4 access - Can invite members
  • Keeper - VIP's and long-standing members that have proven their worth to the guild and have been members for at least 3 months - All access (also tab 5, which we need to get still) + invite status
  • Councellor - Council - All access + invite status
  • Lord President - Guild Leader

We want to get our fifth tab of the bank at some point, the only problem is that it costs 2500g... Which is, erm, "ouch", to say the least. Donations to the bank are welcomed, but not obligatory, and will be used, among other things, for acquiring bank tabs.

Council members have taken on a role, which basically means that they are the "go to person" for a certain issue. The current roles are:
  • Bank - Driagnor
  • Events - Kórtana and Nationalelf
  • Recruitment - Northius
  • Guides - All Council
Of course, you can also go to someone else with a question, but this is the basic division.

Also, believe it or not, we are making our way into Kara, not really at a regular schedule at the moment, but that should sort itself out as we progress and get more people online.

Which brings me to the next point: Recruitment. We need more players, and more high-level ones, preferably. And please, if you see someone that seems a good addition to our guild, and you have invited him/her, please make sure you give them the website address so that they can read the guild charter, as it contains everything they need to know about the guild, and it will save you about half an hour worth of talking wink.

More to come on the recruitment bit, as what to tell people and such, just basic guidelines so we all carry out the same message.

That's it for me for the moment, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact a Council member either in-game or via PM here.

Will see you all in-game smile

New Council Members

 Necomancer    20 Oct 2008 : 09:46
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As of today, Kórtana (aka Konane aka Kruéllagh) and Nationalelf (aka Shuue aka Smeekai aka Kai) have been added as members of the Council.

As of today, Kórtana (aka Konane aka Kruéllagh) and Nationalelf (aka Shuue aka Smeekai aka Kai) have been added as members of the Council.

They will also be this in game soon, I hope.

Guild Leader Elections - The results

 Necomancer    17 Oct 2008 : 11:51
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The guild leader elections have finished.

The guild leader elections have finished.
With 85.71% of the votes, Necomancer has been elected.

Guild Leader Elections started

 Necomancer    09 Oct 2008 : 15:57
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The elections for Guild Leader have started.

The elections for Guild Leader have started.
Please cast your vote for Driagnor, Northius or Necomancer in this thread.

Read about the candidates in this thread

Upcoming Guild Leader elections

 Necomancer    29 Sep 2008 : 21:56
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Hey everyone,

Hey everyone,

As Garron posted, he will be stepping down as Guild Leader.
As a result, Council is currently breaking their heads over how to best arrange an election. We will try to do start the election as soon as possible, and also provide details on how everything will be done.

One thing has already been "decided": Current Council will stay on with the new guild leader.

Please check back here or on the forum for more details.


New ideas...

 macfadyan    15 Jan 2008 : 19:27
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Greetings, yes?

Greetings, yes?

Ok folks..well, we're into january proper now and we're thinking things through a bit. One thing we're planning very soon is 'Some enchanted evening'....I know, I know..very bad joke, but the idea is for our enchanters to meet up with everyone in SW and be given nice stuff to disenchant...and in return giving folks enchantements...a dedicated time to do it - why? Cos we need the bank space. Things simply aren't moving fast enough in the bank, items are just sitting there. So, rather then get Eevald Engineering Corps Ltd to sell it all and then deposit the money in the bank, I'd rather we had a set session of doing things, after which we then see whats left and go on from there.

Thanks to everyone who's donated money - we will now have our fourth tab. Currently, the first two will be for profession stuff, including enchanting. Tab 3 is for 40-60 items..again, use em or disenchant, and tab 4 is for 60 plus which youll need to ask a council member for..

We're also, for our higher level players, starting attunement runs. We want to start raiding shortly, so we're slowley moving things into place for that.

Remember, if you want to do a particular instance, or even just need a hand with killing murlocs (cos EVERYONE MUST DESTROY THEM!...ahem...) then pop here and post a thread - especially for instance runs....what runs do YOU want to do? Which instances do YOU want to see?

Welcome to our newer members...its good folks are joining us - we now have a couple of healers...I know, I know..I couldn;t believe my eyes when I saw that either, LOL.

Ok, please folks - give us feedback, ideas, requests - this is your guild, remember (well, ok, its MINE AHAHAHAHAHAH - ahem...) so tell us what you want smile

toodles, yes?