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 macfadyan    15 Jan 2008 : 19:27
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Greetings, yes?

Greetings, yes?

Ok folks..well, we're into january proper now and we're thinking things through a bit. One thing we're planning very soon is 'Some enchanted evening'....I know, I know..very bad joke, but the idea is for our enchanters to meet up with everyone in SW and be given nice stuff to disenchant...and in return giving folks enchantements...a dedicated time to do it - why? Cos we need the bank space. Things simply aren't moving fast enough in the bank, items are just sitting there. So, rather then get Eevald Engineering Corps Ltd to sell it all and then deposit the money in the bank, I'd rather we had a set session of doing things, after which we then see whats left and go on from there.

Thanks to everyone who's donated money - we will now have our fourth tab. Currently, the first two will be for profession stuff, including enchanting. Tab 3 is for 40-60 items..again, use em or disenchant, and tab 4 is for 60 plus which youll need to ask a council member for..

We're also, for our higher level players, starting attunement runs. We want to start raiding shortly, so we're slowley moving things into place for that.

Remember, if you want to do a particular instance, or even just need a hand with killing murlocs (cos EVERYONE MUST DESTROY THEM!...ahem...) then pop here and post a thread - especially for instance runs....what runs do YOU want to do? Which instances do YOU want to see?

Welcome to our newer members...its good folks are joining us - we now have a couple of healers...I know, I know..I couldn;t believe my eyes when I saw that either, LOL.

Ok, please folks - give us feedback, ideas, requests - this is your guild, remember (well, ok, its MINE AHAHAHAHAHAH - ahem...) so tell us what you want smile

toodles, yes?